20th century
4.375 in WIDE
(11.11 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Bette Chinn Dare and Mrs. Peggy Chinn Takahashi.

Copy cards, white and cream colored paper printed in black with Chinese characters. Students used the sheets to practice copying the chracters. Some of the sheets are covered with waxed paper so that the ink (from practicing) would not go through to the original printed study sheet. Then a student could practice the same chracter over and over.

This is a set of thirteen master calligraphy sheets(A to M) to be placed in copy or tracing books (as in item 203.110.41) in which students would practice their penmanship strokes by tracing over the master sheets. A sheet labelled N appeared to be used to protect the master sheet. (E. Lee May 2005).

Used: Bette Chinn | Peggy Chinn | Chinatown neighborhood | Chinese School | Chinese language

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