Special Instructions to Auxiliary Volunteer Police, West Oakland Detail
8.5 in WIDE
(21.59 cm WIDE)

Pass out given to all AVP, approx. July 1942, Oakland, Calif.

Yellowed sheet of poor quality paper, mimeographed in black.

These are "Special Instructions to Auxiliary Volunteer Police, West Oakland Detail" which, according to the handwritten note across the top were passed out sometime around July, 1942 in Oakland. Of particular interest is the focus on the behavior of African Americans (referred to as "colored men") "standing two or more together in dark and secluded places, walking along acting in a suspicious manner, following some person, in company with a white person - particularly if the white person is under the influence of liquor, or if in an automobile with a white person, make every effort to obtain make and license number of said automobile and report same immediately to desk sergeant." Etc.

Used: William F. Appe | Oakland Defense Council | Oakland Police Department

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