We Were Soldiers
40 in HIGH x 27 in WIDE
(101.60 cm HIGH x 68.58 cm WIDE)
Gift of the History Guild

"What's Going On? California and the Vietnam Era" Exhibition at the Great Hall, August 28, 2004-February 28, 2005.

This is a movie poster for the film "We Were Soldiers." Across the top of the poster is an image of soldiers running through a fild in sillohette. Below this is printed "Fathers, Brothers, Husbands & Sons" in small white letters. Below this is a series of images of scenes from the movie all tinted red, the "Mel Gibson" in large letters and a close-up view of Mel Gibson in combat helmet and dirty face as Lt. Col. Harry Morse whom he plays in the film. Below his photo is the title of the film and all of the credit information and "Coming Soon". The back side of the poster is an exact mirror image of the front-- meaning all the letters are reversed.

Used: movie theater

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