a round button, brown and kakhi, shows the face of a coyote in the center, above the head in dark brown type reads "Coyote" below, "A Loose Woman's Organization" Under edge: c 1973 Margo St. James

COYOTE ("Call Off Your Tired Ethics") was founded by Margo St. James in 1973. COYOTE works for the rights of all sex workers: strippers, phone operators, prostitutes, porn actresses etc. of all genders and persuasions. COYOTE supports programs to assist sex workers in their choice to change their occupation, works to prevent the scapegoating of sex workers for AIDS and other STDs, and to educate sex workers, their clients and the general public about safe sex. COYOTE is a member of The North American Task Force on Prostitution, and The International Committee for Prostitutes' Rights .

Used: political protest

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