The Hurricane
10 in HIGH x 7.5 in WIDE
(25.40 cm HIGH x 19.05 cm WIDE)
Gift of Barbara Cohen

The Hurricane was a monthly publication put out by the II Field Force Vietnam, covering such topics as what they were doing, as well as informational pieces on Vietnam and its culture. The title is in the top center, and has the II Field Force Vietnam patch to the left, and a map of Vietnam, with the section the troop is housed hightlighted on the right. There is also a color photogaph, shows an ARVN soldier receiving the American Silver Star from Vice-President Hubert Humphrey.

History of the II Field Foce Vietnam:Arrived in Vietnam of March 15, 1966 Departed Vietnam April 30, 1971 Increased roles of U.S. combat units in field operations spurred creation of a provisional Field Force headquarters in the II Corps Tactical Zone zone on 1 August 1965. It was called Taskforce ALPHA (Provisional). Field Force, Vietnam was created from this basis and was redesignated I Field Force, Vietnam on March 15, 1966. The field force concept was adopted instead of a normal corps headquarters for three basic reasons: 1. Since the headquarters was to operate within an existing South Vietnamese Corps zone, it would be confusing to introduce another Corps designation within the same zone; 2. Unlike a corps headquarters, which has only tactical functions, the field force was to have additional responsibilities such as supply, pacification and an advisory role to the South Vietnamese; 3. The field force organization was more flexible, making it possible to add additional subordinate units if required, even including subordinate corps headquarters. I Field Force Vietnam had the mission of exercising operational control over the U.S. and allied forces in the II Corps Tactical Zone as well as providing combat assistance to the Vietnamese units in the area. I Field Force Vietnam was used as a basis for the Second Regional Assistance Command (SRAC) on April 30, 1971 and U.S. Military Forces, Military Region 2.Organized in Fort Hood, Texas in early 1965 with cadres from III Corps, I (pronounced "eye") Field Force Vietnam (originally Taskforce ALPHA) arrived in Vietnam on August 1st, 1965 to provide combat assistance to the South Vietnamese Army's II Corps and to control U.S. military operations in the Central Highlands. Headquartered at Nha Trang, it was redesignated II Field Force Vietnam, a corps-level organization, in March 1966.It's assigned units included the 41st and 52nd Artillery Groups as well as various combat support and combat service support battalions. Attached to I Field Force Vietnam at one time or another for specific operations were the U.S. First Cavalry Division (Airmobile); the Fourth Infantry Division; the 3d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division; the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile): and the 173rd Airborne Brigade (Separate). As part of the U.S. military withdrawal, II Field Force Vietnam was disbanded on April 30th, 1971

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