c. 1970-1985
31 in HIGH x 57 in|44 in WIDE
(78.74 cm HIGH x 144.78 cm|111.76 cm WIDE)
Gift of Barbara Cohen

Skirt, made from two rectangular pieces. One piece, the waist band, is 5 .75" wide and is made of natural color cotton (?) with two decorative stripes running with the selvedges at either side in red and dark blue. It is several inches longer than the main panel. The main panel of the skirt is handwoven black cotton (?) which appears to be indigo dyed, plain weave, warp running the long side of the panel with ikat red and blue stripes, and decorative stripes in red, natural and black at the selvage that forms the hem. It has a panel applied in the center, with the weft running opposite to the main panel, also black with stripes of red black and natural color. Both the main panel and the over panel have a band of laid on brocade with intricate traditional decorations and other decorations that include bands of helicopter, figures with poles, fish and fish hooks, in colors of green, purple, red and blue. It is finished on one side with a red cloth, cut in bias to make a tape, which has been hand stitched on to the edge. It was purchased from Hmong women.

Used: female | Clothing

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