17 in HIGH x 12 in WIDE x 7 in DEEP
(43.18 cm HIGH x 30.48 cm WIDE x 17.78 cm DEEP)
Gift of Women For Peace

"What's Going On? California and the Vietnam Era" Exhibition at the Great Hall, August 28, 2004-February 28, 2005.

A brown paper shopping bag with a white piece of paper taped to the front saying "Women Don't Buy this War, Women for Peace 510-845-0320 www.womenforpeace.org" On the side of the bag is a listing of places the grocery store, from which the bag was taken, are found. The bag was used in a protest over the Iraqi War in 2003, by Women for Peace, who are a break away group of Women's Strike for Peace.

Women's Strike for Peace, first came together in 1961 to demand the banning of aboveground nuclear tests. Those tests were causing radioactive fallout, exposing many thousands of people, especially children, to higher risks of cancer.Our nationwide actions helped lead to the Partial Test Ban Treaty, which ended atmospheric nuclear tests.Today the group continues, under the name Women for Peace, to lobby, educate, and join others all over the world in the struggle to achieve the complete abolition of nuclear weapons, working for a change in national priorities and for achievement and preservation of peace, justice and human rights.

Used: Women for Peace

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