Anti-War Faction Demonstrates At CWSC
October, 1967
12.0 in HIGH x 9.75 in WIDE
(30.48 cm HIGH x 24.76 cm WIDE)
Gift of Rafael Jes

Photograph shows a group of women from Central Washington State College in Ellensburg, Washington carrying placards demonstrating against the Vietnam War. The second speaker was Rafael Gonz�lez, who spoke on "Immorality of the War," and began with the personal pain he had gone through in reaching a negative judgement on his country's foreign policy, and then went on to state that the war is immoral for the amount of bombs dropped, more than WWII, not on a military objective but on people in a small country.

Rafael Jes�s Gonz�lez on the faculty of Laney College participated in many anti-war activities in and around the San Francisco Bay Area during the Vietnam War.

Used: Rafael Jes?s Gonz?lez

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