A Week of Peaceful Political Activities
13.25 in HIGH x 11.0 in WIDE
(33.65 cm HIGH x 27.94 cm WIDE)
Gift of Rafael Jes

The article details the events of a peace march of students and faculty to Oakland City Hall protesting the deaths at Kent State University, Vietnam and Cambodia. A petition was presented to the Oakland City Council urging the US government to withdraw from S.E Asia, calling for the denial of funds for military and political actions in S.E Asia, the end of political repression at home and a Council declaration that it is illegal to draft an Oakland citizen to fight in an illegal war. The photograph shows a group of students carrying a symbolic coffin with a banner that states "Laney College Mourns Kent." Under "Issues Aired At Rallies, Convocation" 500 Laney students and faculty met on the mall and discussed whether regular classes should be resumed. Rafael Gonz�lez, Chicano instructor spoke: that instead "of doing what the establishment wants by fighting each other we should find a common ground and should unite."

Rafael Jes�s Gonz�lez on the faculty of Laney College participated in many anti-war activities in and around the San Francisco Bay Area during the Vietnam War.

Used: Rafael Jes?s Gonz?lez

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