Protest USA and "Vietnam"
11..125 in HIGH x 8.0 in WIDE
(3.52 cm HIGH x 20.32 cm WIDE)
Gift of Rafael Jes

These are a group of photographs taken by various photographers at anti-Vietnam War demonstrations in the USA. They cover confrontation between police and demonstrators: an in-focus gun barrel pointed at the side of a man's face; a man with clenched hands, screaming at a baton carrying policeman; and the profile of a woman holding a flower to her face, inches away from a row of upraised bayonets. Other images in "Protest USA" show a young woman carrying a sign with "Peace Please" written on it, and a man on the ground bleeding from the mouth, attended by two other protesters. Vietnam" shows pictures from the war, mostly of soldiers, but civilians too. Wounded American soldiers being carried by their comrades and dead, presumably, Vietcong soldiers; one who has his head, upper chest and left arm, all attached, but removed from the rest of his body, which lies nearby and which is missing both feet; a wounded father who holds his left hand to his blood stained face while cradling his child, who looks directly at the camera; in the last image a dead Vietcong soldier lies close to his personal possessions which include letters and photographs of family and loved ones. Page 186 contains "Notes on the Pictures."

Rafael Jes�s Gonz�lez on the faculty of Laney College participated in many anti-war activities in and around the San Francisco Bay Area during the Vietnam War.

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