Gift of Stacey Zwald

Embroidered on back: George's Shoe Store, Colusa, Red Wing Shoes. (Label at nape reads: Hilton, do not bleach, 17-XL-17 1/2, Permanent Press, Machine wash - warm water - tumble dry, medium heat. Remove promptly. Made in USA.)

This bright blue bowling shirt has short sleeves, trimmed with a band of red fabric and then a band of white fabric to form a trim at the hem of the sleeves. There is an insertion of red knitted fabric and white nitted fabric at the from of either arm. The shirt has a pointed collar and fastens down the front with five (5) buttons - one button is missing (6th button which would have been at the top of the fastening, just under the collar). Machine embroidered on the back is "George's Shoe Store, Colusa," in white (the name of the bowling team), and the logo for "Red Wing Shoes" (sold at the shoe store) which is a large red wing (a bird wing). (Wing is embroidered in red and the printed lettering is in black, outlined in white. There are no shirt tails because this shirt was designed not to tuck into the trousers, but to be worn untucked, giving the wearer greater freedom to participate in the sport.

The shirt was worn by the donor's Grandfather, Walter ("Walt") Zwald (b. 1930 - d. 2003). He was a life-long resident of Colusa County where he was a seed farmer in the town of Colusa. George's Shoe Store isn't there anymore. (The donor remembers buying a pair of red patent leather shoes there when she was three years old.)

Used: Walter Zwald | Farmer | Bowling | Sport | Colusa

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