Comp. w/Green
Gift of Dr. Robert Shimshak and Marion Brenner

verso, lower right corer, pencil: Michael Gonzalez
verso: at top center, in pencil: "Top (back)"// Lower left corner:" 'Comp. w/Green' 1999"

This is an actual dollar bill mounted onto a sheet of heavy paper. There is a cut out in the center of the sheet, the exact size of the bill so you can see both sides of the dollar. The dollar is held in place with a clear adhesive tape. The reverse of the bill is what is exhibited on the front of the sheet. The front of the bill is what you see from the reverse. There are 2 circular cutouts on the bill which mimic the circles where the eagel and the pyramid are. These circle cutouts are then put back on the bill sideways so they read correctly when the bill is displayed vertically.
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