Happy Birthday Little Shaver!
3 in WIDE x .75 in DEEP
(7.62 cm WIDE x 1.90 cm DEEP)
Gift of Eric and Ingrid Woods

Greeting card with a full color illustration of a boy with red hair, standing at a sink, his face lathered with soap, about to shave, "Happy Birthday Little Shaver!" Inside the card reads: "You're a whole year older So I knew you'd be Glad To have what you need For shaving like Dad!" Facing those greetings is a box/page containing a red plastic "razor" a miniature bottle of Aqua Velva and a box of pretend (paper) Gem Singledge Razor Blades. (The package is marked "Safe and harmless" next to the "Aqua Velva" and "Contains Paper Blades" next to the box of Gem blades. All of the edges of the box are yellow; Happy Birthday is repeated on the edges, written in red, except for the i" in birthday which is a blue candle.

Unusual greeting card with a box holding toys as the back "page."

Used: birthday | Boy | Childhood | Playing

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