Davis Adjustable loom
12.125 in|12 in|11.625 in|7.375 in|5 in|4.25 in WIDE x 1.5 in|1.375 in|.625 in|1.375 in DEEP
(30.80 cm|30.48 cm|29.53 cm|18.73 cm|12.70 cm|10.79 cm WIDE x 3.81 cm|3.49 cm|1.59 cm|3.49 cm DEEP)
Gift of Eric and Ingrid Woods

Davis Adjustable Loom for weaving with loopers and yarn.

A: Box lid, yellow printed in red and blue. Illustration shows to girls and a boy seated at a table; one girl is weaving, the other two children seem to be admiring what they, or the girl weaving, has already made from the adjustable loom. There is a "Prestege Toy" logo printed on the lid, as well as Parents' Magazine commendation. B: The bottom of the box, tan cardboard. C: Insert to hold the loom in place in the box, yellow cardboard, folded and cut to accept the loom. D-E: To blue metal pieces of the loom, which fit together at opposite corners. (The pieces of the loom are "L" shaped.) Teeth (like the teeth on a comb) run along the edges of the loom. It is around these teeth that one weaves, looping the thread of loopers. F-G: Two loopers of white knit. H: A looper of red knit.

Loopers are rings of knitted fabric, that will stretch, so they can be used across the teeth of the loom.

Used: childhood | Playing | Education

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