20th century
4.75 in HIGH
(12.06 cm HIGH)
Gift of Stacey Zwald.

Fisherman's Wharf|Ruff 'n Ready RN27265, Medium

This boy's hat (beanie style) of six suede leather panels--red--off white--yellow--off white--blue--off white, with a pinked band of tan leather at the bottom which is printed "Fisherman's Wharf in brown letters. Purchased as a sounvenir on his first trip from Colusa to San Francisco, "Andy" (Walter Andrew Zwald, Jr.) and his two brothers, all got hats alike. The hat is decorated with a red paste jewel at the top, perforations in the six suede panels, and assorted silver colored western themed metal charms stitched here and there (guns, cowyboot, cattle head, etc.) and a silver colored metal bell. (Ruff 'n Ready label stitched on the inside.

Used: souvenir | Andy Zwald | Walter Andrew Zwald, Jr. | San Francisco | Colusa

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