Worship Me, I am a Senior, Class of 96
Gift of Ms Alisha Jourdenais

"Worship Me, I am a Senior...Class of 96"

Knitted white cotton T-shirt, printed on the front (in yellow, black and red) a panther wearing an Antioch High school T-shirt and cap, holding two baby panthers in his right hand (each of of the holding a sign, "Juniors" and "Sophs"). Printed across the bottom of the image "Class of 96," referring to 1996. Printed on the back "Seniors...It's All About Respect" and the individual names of the entire class of 1996 from Antioch High School, from Brea Alcosta to Eric Zwemmer. Shirt has short sleeves.

Used: Alisha Jourdenais | Teenager | Female | Unisex

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