Sharks Fest
Gift of Ms Alisha Jourdenais

Pacific Bell, Sharks Fest

Gray knitted T-shirt, 90% cotton and 10% polyester, made by Fruit of the Loom, with short sleeves; XL size. Printed on the front: "Pacific Bell" in black with their "star" logo in red and white. Printed in teal color and gray is "Sha (shark fin is used instead of the letter 'A')rks Fest." Teal color is one of the Sharks colors.

This is a souvenir T-shirt for the San Jose Sharks, professional ice hockey team. "Shark Fest" is an autograph day with grab bags, etc. available for fans to purchase. Interesting note is that the 2004-2005 professional ice hockey season was cut short due to disputs over money between the owners and the players.

Used: Alisha Jourdenais | Adult ~ female | Unisex | Ice hockey | Sharks | San Jose | Souvenir

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