October 28, 194
4.5 in HIGH x 6.75 in WIDE
(11.43 cm HIGH x 17.14 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers.

Open metal bridge on cememt pilings across expanse of water/San Francisco Bay holding piepline. Shore/land in distance. At the third piling from the bottom of the photo is a barge with two men on it, one holding a line that goes to up to the bottonm of the bridge. To the right of the barge on the other side of the bridge is a metal tower with a croxx on top. At the top of the photo are what appear to be two boats, the one on the right side of the bridge much larger than the one on the left. There are buildings on the far shore and large hills/small mountains.

From an envelope marked "San Francisco, Calif. - Water - Construction Shots 1930-1949" Caption from back of photo: "Coming of water from the high mountains through Hetch-Hetchy dams and acqueducts is shown in this series of photos. The "early intake" from O'Shaughnessy dam and the dam itself are displayed in photo at top. A pipeline crossing a valley is shown at left (center), together with a map depicting the part Alameda County plays in bringing Hetch-Hetchy water to San Francisco. The photo to the right shows one of the concrete and metal domes leading from Alameda Creek portal. Below is illustrated how the present Hetch-Hetchy water will be carried across to San Francisco water faucets. Tribune photo" Trib Oct 28, 1934

Used: Oakland Tribune

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