Brave New World: A Print Odyssey
16 in HIGH x 11.75 in WIDE
(40.64 cm HIGH x 29.84 cm WIDE)
Gift of Blue Sky Press, Sherry Smith Bell and Barbara Klein

Each print signed by individual artist
The statements of process and intent of each of the artists and of the curator, along with a preface by John A. Stewart, founder and director fo the Amity Art Foundation of Woodbridge, Connecticut are contained within this portfolio.

This is a group of prints made by 10 artists: Sherry Smith Bell ("Eureka," media:drypoint/collograph using high impact plastic as a matrix) , Judith K. Brodsky ("Zipporah and the Birds," media:tal construction, photo etching and rolled surface color), Kathy Caraccio ("For Clara," media: wire relief on perforated plastic chine colle with mica flocking on collaged black magazine pages), Susan E. Carter ("Another Space, Another Time," media: scanned monotype printed on an inkjet printer, hand printed relief and silkscreen elements, hand stitched with silk thread), Ann Chernow ("Icon," media: lithograph with a computer-manipulated imge frmo a zinc etching plate), Eduardo Fausti ("Peace," media: chine colle print encapsulated in plastic resin), Stephen A. Fredericks ("The Fall" media: soft ground etching with a rainbow roll on Dieu Donne Papermill handmade paper), Mitchell Friedman ("Runaway," media: monotype transfer on a paper plate lithograph lus an overprinted etching plate), Yuji Hiratsuka ("Globe Trekker," media: mixed media print with intaglio relief, inkjet and chine colle) and Lynn Klein ("Transmission of the Lamp," media: photogram and photographic montage embossed and electro-statically printed on Rives).
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