c. 1977
10 in WIDE x 1.5 in DEEP
(25.40 cm WIDE x 3.81 cm DEEP)
Gift of Michael Sage

Computer manual for Thinker Toys computer parts. On the ouside spine of the binder is written, "MICRO". The first four pages inside the binder are computer printout sheets containing computer commands. Following this is a collection of notebook paper with hand written computer commands. A cream colored page seperates the next section and is titled, "The Keyed-Up 8080" "User's Manual". The page lists a table of contents and on the bottom is written "Copyright 1977 G. Morrow" "Thinker Toys 1201 10th St., Berkeley, CA 94710". The second section is devided by a similar cream colored page titled, "User's Manual" "The Spaekeasy, cassette/general purpose interface". The final section of the binder begins with a page titled, "Using the Parallel Bidirectional Data Port" This section contains an 8"x11" black and white glossy of a computer panel

Used: Michael Sage | Computer geek | Research | Technology | Data processing | Personal computer | Hobby

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