User's Manual Disk Jockey I Controller
9.5 in WIDE
(24.13 cm WIDE)
Gift of Michael Sage

Computer manual detailing the uses of the Micro-Stuff Disk Jockey. The introduction distinguishes two distint subsections: 1) A universal floppy disk controller capable of interfacing to a wide variety of floppy disk drives, 2) A serial interface that allows communication with a terminal device at TTY 20ma current loop or RS-232 levels." The introduction further explains that, "the floppy disk controller will interface with any floppy disk drive plug compatible with Shugart 800 floppy or Shugart 400 mini-floppy drive." This manual is written on sheets of paper without a cover, and is placed in a file folder. 2004.31.30 is a manual for the Shugart SA 800/801 Diskette Storage Drive.

Used: Michael Sage | Computer geek | Research | Technology | Data processing | Personal computer | Hobby

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