47 in HIGH x 22 in WIDE x .75 in DEEP
(119.38 cm HIGH x 55.88 cm WIDE x 1.90 cm DEEP)
Museum Purchase

"What's Going On? California and the Vietnam Era" Exhibition at the Great Hall, August 28, 2004-February 28, 2005.

The red, white and blue campaign sign reads, on both sides, "Another Home for Reagan-Bush '84." It says at bottom: Paid for Vicotry "84 Fund, a project of the Republican Congressional Committee. It is made of cardstock, folded and stapled to a a wood stick, that has a point (to use in lawns).

President Reagan faced no opposition to his renomination as the Republican nomination for President. Senator Walter Mondale Jimmy Carter's Vice President was the front runner throughout the election campaign. His most serious opposition was Senator Gary Hart of Colorado, who ran on a theme of new ideas. Other opponents included Senator Henry Jackson of Washington, and Reverand Jesse Jackson, the first serious Black candidate for President. Mondale was nominated on the first ballot at the Democratic convention in San Francisco. He selected Geraldine Ferraro to be his running mate. Ferraro became the first women to be nominated by a major party.The election campaign revolved mostly around the issues of deficit and tariff barriers. The traditional role of the Democratic and Republican party were reversed, with the Democrats attacking the Republicans for budget deficits, and the Democrats also calling for more tariff protection.Reagan won the election with an 18 point margin.

Used: political campaign | Lawn

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