Glide Memorial United Methodist Church
8.5 in HIGH x 5.5 in WIDE
(21.59 cm HIGH x 13.97 cm WIDE)
Gift of Joellen Lippett

Packet from Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, from August 31, 1969. It is composed of an envelope (a) to collect contributions wich has printed on the cover a list of options for the contributions. Inside the envelope, folded are the following: (b) flyer, "Survival Resource List," one page folded, with lists of employment offices, family services, coffee houses, draft information centers, childcare, alcohol and drugs, etc; (c) flyer "Urban'd Aid," a one page folded flyer with a map of San Francisco in the center fold, with streetcar and coach routes, and lists of agencies for social welfare on the outside: (d) An article by Kenneth Lamott"Nearer, My Church, To Me." It is from the Los Angeles Times West Magazine, 10/22/67. It is three stapled typewritten pages. The article relates ot the 67 Riots, the Black Free Store and Cecil Williams.

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