c. 1967
64 in HIGH x 22 in WIDE
(162.56 cm HIGH x 55.88 cm WIDE)
Gift on behalf of the Maritime Adminsitration, US Department of Transportation

"What's Going On? California and the Vietnam Era" Exhibition at the Great Hall, August 28, 2004-February 28, 2005.

Berth lining made of heavy canvas, with 14 metal grommets on the sides and 3 on the ends. The lining was attached to the berth frame with rope and the frames hung bunk style from the ceiling with chains. The canvas has graffitti written on the underside by soldiers (they would write on the bunk above them). Found in bunk beds in the US Navy Ship General Nelson M. Walker. The last transports done by the ship were from Oakland, California to Vietnam and back, before she was taken out of service in 1967. This is a collection of artifacts found on the ship after it was taken out of service.

Used: bedding | General Nelson M. Walker ship | Troop ship | Korean War | Vietnam War | U.S. Navy | Soldier | Sleep

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