Tract Map Panorama City
21.25 in WIDE
(53.97 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mr. Gary Holloway

Thursday, May 18, 1961, Panorama City

A triple fold map of Henry J. Kaiser's tract housing development in southern California, called Panorama City. It was picked up by the donor's grandmother, Elsie Shannon Holloway, who was looking at the area. A heart-shaped locaition map at the top shows Panorama City's relationship to other areas in the San Fernando Valley, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Los Angeles. It is on Van Nuys Boulevard at Osborne and Roscoe Boulevard. The map of cream colored paper, printed with a dark green, shows the many housing sites in the tract, and includes locations for a Baptist Church, a Presbyterian Church, a Catholic Church (and school), Chase Street public elementary school, an additional elementary school site, a playground, The Community Church of the Brethern and business locations, including a Chevrolet Plant. There's a photographic image at the bottom of the map (proper right), showing the site with houses and Chevrolet plant in place. The tract featured streets with names like Moonbeam Avenue, Lullaby Lane, Cantaloupe Avenue, Ranchito Avenue, Grammar Place and Community Street. Such names offer insight into efforts to sell tract homes to young families in the post World War II housing market. Other streets with names like Stansbury Avenue, Hazeltine Avenue, Costello Avenue and Tyrone Avenue make one think of the possible investors who might have backed Kaiser's project. The donor recalled that the homes in this development were sold for about $10,000.00.

Southern California has continued to grow and expand since the post World War II market. This tract still exists. Information printed at the bottom of the map gives a brief history of the area: "...From a population of 157,000 in 1940 to a population of 460,000 in 1950, makes the San Fernando Valley one of the fastest growing residential districts in the nation today. A network of many highways makes Panorama City accessible from all parts of the Valley, Holloywood and downtown Los Angeles. It is surrounded by four future freeways including the Hollywood Parkway, now well along in construction. Panorama City is now nearing its ulltimate goal of 3000 homes and a comprehensive business center with generous portions of land set aside for off-street parking to provide a welcome convenience for Panorama City homeowners. Stores are to have rear entrances with show windos and sidewalks in keeping wit the most modern trend of commercial development."

Used: Elsie Shannon Holloway | House selling

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