Handweaver and Craftsman
20th century
8.25 in WIDE
(20.95 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Ivy Wellington

The cover of this issue of "Handweaver and Craftsman" features a black and white photo of Dorothy Liebes seated at a loom. An article "Some Cotemporary Weavers In Northern California" by Dorothy Bryan starts on page 9, where it is illustrated by a black and white image of an exhibition at the M. H. deYoung Memorial Museum in San Francisco. Fabrics by Marie Sandow, Manlo Textiles, Maxwell Hawker, Ilse Schulz and Lea Van P. Miller are also illustrated. Page 13 has a story on "First Marin County Weavers' Festival" by Sonya Loftness with a photograph on page 14 of Mrs. Axel Gravander, of Mill Valley, demonstrating weaving while dress in Swedish costume. A scarf, woven by Kamma Zethraus is shown on page 34.

Used: Kamma Zethraus | Research

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