10 in HIGH x 7.25 in WIDE
(25.40 cm HIGH x 18.41 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Appears to be a photo taken from an ablum as there are dark glue(?) areas on back. A photo of Mrs. Fong (upper body) appears to have been cut from another source and pasted onto one of the U.S. flag. There are two captions from the newspaper pasted on the back of the photo: (1) "Jan 1 1971 - Assemblywoman March Fong's hopes are for successful action in the State Legislature." (2) --- March K. Fong and Sheriff Frank . . . Day program yesterday at Veter- . . . sponsored by the 14th District, Vet- . . . VFW posts in Alameda and Contra . . . ." Back of photo: "Madigan and March Fong - 2 1/2 col x 7" Fri Soc 1st Hope #2." In the upper left corner is a light fixture. It hangs from the ceiling by one fastner and is made up of six five-sided glass panes around the light bulb and held together at the bottom by one glass pane. There are dark lines between the panes and at the bottoms where they meet that pane. There s a small dark and pointed finishing piece extending from the middle of the bottom pane. Under the light fixture is a light colored crown(?) molding that is around the room. Under this molding is portion of flat wall then a windowr. There is light showing through tis window. Below the window is carved furniture or art. To the right of the light fixutre is an American flag on a pole at a slight angle to the wall. It is fringed at the bottom and one can see six stripes and all or parts of ten stars. The top of the flag extends beyond the top of the photo. To the right of the flag is pasted a photo of Mrs. Fong. Her dark hair is teased smooth and flips up on her right side. It covers half of her left ear and an earring covers the other half of her ear. She is looking to one side of the photographer and is smiling - one can see her top row of teeth. She is wearing a dark colored top - probably a suit jacket. The fabric has a patyten of raised horizontal lines. The high-necked jacket is tied at the neck with one tie goving over the other - not a knot - and has a triangular broach where tie and collar meet. While the back of the photo mentions Sheriff Frank Madigan he is nowhere to be seen.

From file folder: March Fong Eu.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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