8.25 in HIGH x 11 in WIDE
(20.95 cm HIGH x 27.94 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Text of caption on side of photo: "(SC2)SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 5 -- OVERSEEING STATE'S ELECTION -- Secretary of State March Fong Eu, whose office oversees California's elections, watches the computer in her Election Central in Sacramento s returns from 56 of 58 counties begin to come in by telephone. Operating the terminal is key data operator Arline Musgrave. (AP LASERPHOTO) (WJZ32155stf/WALT ZEBROSKI) 1984" Three women are in the photo. It is election day, June 5, 1984 and the Secretary of State's office is beginning to get election results by phone. On the left is Arline Musgrave, in profile, described as "key data operator." Ms. Musgrove's dark hair is wavy and worn away from her face; it reaches her collar She is smiling. Her top is of a dark color with light colored lines creating random and intersecting rectangles on it. Her top has sleeves to the elbow. On her left breast she wears what appears to be a name tag. She also wears a necklace of round beads. She is seated at a computer terminal and is looking at a computer screen. She has her right hand on the keyboard; she wears a gold ring on her this hand. Her left hand and wrist are resting on the desk to the left of the keyboard. She is wearing a bracelet/watchband on her wrist. She also wears a headset -- an ear piece in her right ear with an very narrow tube from the ear to her chin which is probably the mouth piece -- so one can use a telephone without having to pick up the actual instrument. Behind the women on the wall are three macramed wall hangings. Two slim hangings flank a wider one. The slender hangings have triangular tops, a short horizontal stick, a square/rectangular woven area, another short horizontal stick and then three long woven "ropes" that meet at the bottom. The larger wall hanging has a "rope" at the top that splits and is connected to a horizontal stick. Below the stick is a rectangular wearing. The bottom is not visible. The Secretary of State is in front of the wall hangings and to Ms. Musgrove's left. Her dark curly hair is worn with full bangs across her forehead and is below her ears. She is smiling and looking at the computer screen. She is wearing a light colored suit and because she is bending over from the waist with her left hand on a corner of the computer screen, her jacket is open. She wears a long sleeve (visible as it extends beyond the left sleeve of her jacket) multicolored highnecked blouse that has a geometric pattern that is tied in a bow at the neck. She wears earrings. The desk is of a dark color. At the botton of the photo is a white area that could be a crumpled napkin or tissue. The keyboard is sloped with the area nearest the operator lower than the back or upper portion. The slope appears to be approximately 2-3 inches. The face of the keyboard is dark with the keys being white. A light has been placed on the keyboard's right corner; the light has a wire coming out from the back. To the left of the keyboard are a few letter-sized papers. Above this stack is a black "edge" with more white papers above it sloping upward. (Perhaps a typing stand?) To the left of this stack is the computer screen. It is in a light colored box and has a dark screen. On top of the box is a small rectangular card that has been folded in half. Next to the screen is a tissue box with a white tissue popping out. The tissue box is of a dark color and has pansies on it. Next to the tissue box is a black telephone with rotary dial. In the upper right potion of the photo (background) a woman is seated. She has dark that goes down her back and she also has bangs. Her elbows appear to rest on a desk and her hands are together. She is looking at a computer screen. She is wearing a white blouse. On the wall near her computer screen is a white box that could be a light switch.

From file folder: March Fong Eu.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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