10 in HIGH x 8 in WIDE
(25.40 cm HIGH x 20.32 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Photo is of a woman with her right foot on a black tire compressing it by half. Next to her is a man watching her do this. From back of photo: FONG 3 1/8" x 5 7/8" no/sty; Thurs Autos 1-26 set caption 19.8 ems. The caption cut and from the newspaper and pasted reads: "May 15, 1969. SQUISH -- Assemblywoman March Fong of Oakland crushes a two-ply tire with her foot to demonstrate its weakened condition to Arthur Greenbaum, Sacramento credit counselor, while she outlined her proposed legislation to create an office of consumer advocate. She said her bill would protect consumers from such abuses, declaring the governor's Office of Consumer Counsel doesn't at present protect the consumer.--(AP)" Caption on side of photo reads: "(US1)SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 12-- WANTS CONSUMER PROTECTION--Assemblywoman March Fong, D-Oakland, bounces on a two-ply automobile tire to demonstrate its weakened condition while discussing proposed legislation to create an office of consumer advocate. She said the new office would protect consumers against such abuses. Mrs. Fong said the governor's Office of Consumer Counsel functions more as a public relations office and does not presently protect the consumer. (APWIREPHOTO)(WJZ221100WJZ) 1969 --SEE AP WIRE STORY--" On the left side of the photo is a light-colored plastic molded chair with arms that is on a dark metal rod with four spokes as its base. In front of the chair is the corner of a dark table with a microphone on it. The microphone stand is silver (bottom) with the portion holding the actual microphone black. The microphone appears to be gray or dark silver and its pointed up and toward a man standing behind it. Under the table is a black/dark woman's purse with its strap extended up. The purse is rectangular and appears to close with round/balls attached to either side of the top. The lower left corner of the purse has a light arc/ring going across it. To the side of the purse are two black tires laying on their sides. Behind the chair is an easel with nothing on it. Behind the easel is a dais or tall dark cabinet of some sort. Two walls covered in light colored and pleated drapes meet just to the right of the dais. Behind the molded chair stands Arthur Greenbaum a Sacramento credit counselor. His dark hair is worn short and combed neatly. It is parted on the left side. He wears eyeglasses that have dark rims on top of the lenses. His suit is of a dark color, buttoned and with this he wears a dark tie and white shirt. His shoes are also dark. His arms are by his sides and he is looking down at the tire being squished. Assemblywoman Fong is slightly in front and to Mr. Greenbaum's left. She is looking down at the tires. Her dark hair is worn in a wavy bouffant style pulled away from her face with bangs across half her forehead. She is in a doublebreasted suit of a dark color that is accented with horizontal and vertical white lines that create boxes of the dark color between the lines. The suit has long sleeves and a pleated skirt that is above her knees. Her jacket is closed with a dark button and there are three other buttons to created the doublebreasted look. The collar and lapels are trimmed in a complementary color. With her suit she is wearing a white (or complementary) turtleneck. Her shoes are dark pumps/flats and appear to have a buckle or other ornament in front. With her right foot she is stepping on a tire and has compressed it in half or to the floor. Another tire is next to the one she is standing on.

From file folder: March Fong Eu.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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