10 in HIGH x 8 in WIDE
(25.40 cm HIGH x 20.32 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Assemblywoman Fong arrives at press conference. Head to knees photo. Caption pasted from newspaper: "Jan 10, 1974 MARCH FONG Seeks new office." The Assemblywoman is looking over her right shoulder at the camera. Her body is facing a dark curtin. Her hair is wavy and worn fairly close to the head -- not very much teasing. It coves her ears but is swept across her forehead. She wears a dark color of lipstick. Her drop earrings have a dark oval stone. Her coat has set-in sleeves with a large houndstooth pattern -- dark base with white four-pointed "stars" in rows down the coat. The stand-up collar, pockets and coat openings are trimmed in the dark fabric. Oh her right shoulder she has a flight bag with the bumper sticker "MARCH FONG, Secretary of State" on it. There is another line on the bumper sitcker but it is not legible. The bag is of a light color and is a tall rectangle with a strap rom one side to the other on the verticle. The Assemblywoman's right arm is bent and over the top of the bag; her right hand holds the strap. The bag extends approximately fifteen to eighteen inches tall. She is standing on a carpet with a design of dark squares. In each square is a light colored pattern of perhaps a shield and sword or coat of arms. In front of the Assemblywoman is a dark curtin. Above this dark area is a light colored wall. In front of this area appears to be a table with some cameras or microphones or ???. Behind the Assemblywoman appears to be a stage with at least three men on it. The men stand before a floor to ??? curtin that runs the length of their area with a short curtin visible above them. There is space between the long and short curtins shows depth. There may what appear to be motion picture cameras also in fron of the stage. The background seems to convey a feeling that preparations are underway for the press conference. Caption on side of photo: "(LA21) LOS ANGELES. Jan. 10--SHE WANTS A NEW JOB--Assemblywoman March Fong arrives at a press conference in Los Angeles Thursday to announce her candidacy for Democratic nomintion for secretary of state. The job currently is held by Edmund G. Brown, Jr., who is expected to run for governor. (AP Wirephoto) (rhs51050stf-wf) 1974"

From file folder: March Fong Eu.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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