8 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

From back of photo: "Dr. Theodore Montgomery, Assemblywoman March Fong, State Senator Nicholas Petris, Assemblyman Ken Meade, State Sen. John Holmdahl. Health 3x5 color (crossed out) P6-E w/sty Jan 12, 1973. Leo Cohen" Newspaper caption from back of photo: "Speakers at hearing opposing move of state health offices were (rom left) Dr. Theodore Montgomery, Assemblywoman March Fong, State Sen. Nicholas Petris, Assemblyman Ken Meade and State Sen. John Holmdahl. Jan 12, 1973" "Reproduction of ths photo is prohibited without written permission from the oakland Tribune." Four men and one woman are seated in a room at a long table. Four are looking out at an auidence; Dr. Montrgomery appears to be looking at papers in front of him. There are microphones in front of each person with a jumble of wires/cords across the table. Behind the people is a dark wall with a large white insert panel/screen. Behind the woman and below the screen are what appear to be light or other types of switches. The plate is white with two small horizoneal levers beneath which is a larger rectangular area. On the right side of the photo, behind State Sen. Holmdahl and in the corner is a flag on a pole with its base on the floor. Cannot tell whose flag it is. To the right of the flag are pleated drapes of a dark color. They are not floor length. From left to right: Dr. Theodore Montgomery is a man with wavy dark and light hair. His hair is at or below his collar and he has sideburns. He wears dark horn-rimmed glasses and has a moustache. He is dressed in a dark suit with white shirt and a tie with broad light colored vertical stripes. His right arm is bent across his body and rests on the table and his left arm is straight out with his forearm, wrist with watch, and hand with fingers on papers (text). In front of him is a black microphone on a round base pointed toward his mouth. Next to the microphone is a black rectangular box about three inches high and six inches in width and 10 inches in length(?) with a strip of white paper/tape covering approximately 1/3-1/2 of the top. He appears to be looking at his papers. Assemblywoman March Fong sits next to Dr. Montgomery and looks very serious. Her dark hair is done in a slight teased/bouffant style and goes down to her collar. Her ear is covered also. She is wearing a double breasted long sleeve suit or dress. The dress is a dark color with white polka dots; the collar and cuffs are white with dark polka dots and the large buttons are white with dark centers. Beneath this suit/dress she is wearing a turtle neck of a complementary color. Her hands are in her lap. In front of her is a white paper(s). Her microphone is smaller, black with a white/silver head. State Sen. Nicholas Petris is seated next to Assemblywoman Fong and appears to be talking. He is a man with long dark hair combed back from the brow to his collar. He also has sideburns. He is wearing a dark gray(?) suit or blazer with two buttons visible on his right sleeve. He wears a colored shirt and a tie with a diagonal pattern of x's and dots. He has his hand together in front of him - fingers intertwined. His microphone is sliver and sits on a round base in front of him. Assemblyman Ken Meade is next to Sen. Petris. He has full/fluffy dark hair and a mustache. He is wearing a light colored suit/jacket with white shirt and cark tie with a light colored pattern of shapes. His hands also apear to be in front of him on the table but much of him is obscured by Sen. Petris. His micorphone is also silver colored. State Senator John Holmdahl is next to Assemblyman Meade at the end of the table. He has dark hair slicked back from his brow. He is wearing a dark suit/jacket with white shirt. His tie is dark with a light colored pattern. He also wears glassess. His hands are probnably folded in front of him.

From file folder: March Fong Eu.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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