8 in HIGH x 11 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 27.94 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Assembly members March Fong and Winfield Shoemaker at a press conference. Head and shoulders. They appear to be seated and light colored drapery is visible behind and beside them. Assemblywoman Fong is seated to the left of Assemblyman Shoemaker; she is looking in the vicinity of the camera but not at it. Her smooth bouffant hair is work over her ears with bangs on the right side of her face. Her mouth is closed and she has a neutral to serious expression. Her suit has a dark fabric base with a light colored and raised pattern of intersecting lines. The jacket has a V-neck. Some lines extend beyond the squares they ceate and some are longer and extend to other lines. She is wearing a white or light colored blouse or camisole and that is approximately two inches below the base of her neck where she wears a pearl or necklace of small round beads. Assemblyman Shoemaker appears to be speaking. His mouth is open and both rows of teeth are showing. He has very short dark hair combed very close to his head, His dark jacket is worn with a white/light colores hirt and dark tie. He is looking at the csmera. Caption typed along side of photo: "(US2)SACRAMENTO, Calif., Feb. 8--GIVE TAX REFORM CONDITIONS--Assemblyman Winfield Shoemaker, D-Lompoc, chairman of the Assembly Demoncratic caucus, with Assemblywoman March Fong, D-Oakland, discuss heir caucus plans with newsmen in Sacramento today. Shoemaker said the Democrats, who control the Assembly 42-38, will not vote for Gov. Reagan's tax reform bill if it lacks a means of catching state income tax dodgers. Shoemaker added that the best way to catch the cheaters is by having a state withholding income tax. (APWIREPHOTO) (WJZ51230WJZ) 1968."

From file folder: March Fong Eu

Used: Oakland Tribune

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