8 in HIGH x 9.5 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 24.13 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Two women - head and chests - smiling. Assemblywoman raising sledge hammer with ribbon; secretary next to her with ribbon with five "P's" on it. Caption pasted from newspaper: "April 10, 1969 Assemblywoman March Fong wields sledge, secretary wears '5Ps'." Two women are standing in front of light colored drapery. The drapes fall in gentle pleats and are full length. Assemblywoman Fong is on the left side of the photo. She has a broad grin - upper row of teeth are showing. Her dark hair is in a smooth bouffant/teased style, covers her ears and she has bangs across most of her forehead. Her top is a solid light color with stand up collar and has 3/4 sleeves. From the left side of her collar from the shoulder seam to just above her breast is an accent piece that has two dark buttons on it. Her arms are up and in her heads she holds the handle of a sledge hammer. Between her hands is a dark ribbon on the handle ties into a large bow. The head of the hammer is above her right hand. On her left wrist she wears a watch with metal band. Slightly behind and on to the right of the Assemblywoman is her(?) secretary. Her hair is worn up, away from her face with large curls. She has no bangs. Her top is of a light color, is a mock turtleneck and is sleeveless. Across her body from left shoulder to right waist is a shinny ribbon/banner with five capital P;s on it in gold. Behind the secretary is what apears to be the Calfiornia state flag mounted on a floor stand. The top area is plain white and the middle area appears to have a design of some sort in a dark color. Above the secretary's head someone had put a large X. To the secretary's right is a light verticle area with a dark flat area next to it. There are three small square pieces which connect(?) the light and dark areas. Could be a frame of some sort.

From file folder March Fong Eu.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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