8 in HIGH x 11 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 27.94 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Two photos on one sheet of California Secretary of State Fong (L) putting key into and (R) opening door to her office equipped with a pay toilet lock. Newspaper caption pasted on back: "MARCH FONG EU TRIES THE LOCK Staff members installed it as a gag - Jan 8, 1975" Caption typed on left side of photo: "(SC7)SACRAMENTO, CALIF., JAN. 7 -- pay as you go office -- March Fong Eu, the state's first female secretary of state, was greeted by a pay toilet lock on her new office door as she arrived for the first time today. The lock was jokingly placed on the door by members of her staff. Mrs. Eu, when she was an assemblywoman, championed a successful fight to ban pay toilets in public buildings. (APWIREPHOTO) (WJZ31650WJZ) 1975 -- SEE AP STORY --" The photo on the left side is of Mrs. Eu in profile She stands at the wood door to her office that has had a pay toilet lock installed. Her right hand fingers are on the turn/opening apparatus and she is looking down at the lock with a smile. In her left hand is a large envelope. Her dark hair is worn in a smooth teased style and reaches the collar of her suit jacket. Her suit is of a medium color (neither dark nor light) and has a pattern woven into it. The long sleeve jacket has wide lapels and three buttons. She also wears a white turtle neck sweater. The photo on the right is of Mrs. Eu smiling broadly at the camera. She has both hands on or near the lock and the door is open. Above her hands and behind her (in her office) s a man wearing a dark shirt and light colored tie with polka dots. He is probably running a motion picture camera as he is standing next to an apparatus that has a strong bright light on it. In this photo her jacket shows a pocket with flap and two buttons on the sleeve of the jacket. The ceiling of her office is in square panels of light colors with dark horizontal accents.

From file folder March Fong Eu

Used: Oakland Tribune

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