8 in HIGH x 11 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 27.94 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Two photos (one same sheet) of Assemblywoman Fong hitting chained toilet with sledge hammer. Caption typed on right side of photos: "(US1) SACRAMENTO, Calif., (April 26--ASSEMBLYWOMAN PROTESTS PAY POTTIE -- Assemblywoman March Fong of Oakland takes a big swing with a sledge hammer and smashes a procelain pottie on the steps of the Capitol Friday. Mrs. Fong was the author of a bill which would ban pay toilets in public places in California. Later during a committee hearing the bill went down the drain in defeat. (APWIREPHOTO) (WJZ270300WJZ) 1969 --SEE AP WIRE STORY" The photo on the left shows Assemblywoman Fong on a platform before a large crowd. The crowd is made up of men and women, old and young. One man in the crowd (in dark suit and glasses) is leaning back in mock(?) alarm trying to avoid the back swing of the sledge hammer she is wielding. On the platform Mrs. Fong is smiling and looking at a porcelain toilet that has been wrapped in a large dark chain over the toilet seat and back and has a fake lock on it. Mrs. Fong is wearing a patterned suit. The jacket is single breasted with dark buttons, flaps near the waist line (fake pockets?) and the skirt is above the nee with pleats fom the mid thigh to the hemline. She wears a white turtleneck sweater. Her shoes appear to be black with low heels. The photo on the right shows Mrs. Fong with the head of the sledge hammer, that has a ribbon bow on it, making contact with the lower part of the toilet bowl. She now has a broad smile -- teeth showing. A large piece of procelain has broken away from the toilet and lays in front of her right foot. Several in the crowd are leaning away from the platform so as to avoid flying debris. Someone holds up an American flag in the crowd.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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