Uncl Scam
39 in HIGH x 26 in WIDE
(99.06 cm HIGH x 66.04 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mark Friedman

frame, glazing
"Wiley 88" - in graphite, BR
Embossed watermark at BL of a square set parallel to an 'L' shape.

Color lithograph on paper with deckled lower edge. An outer border in black and white contains checkerboard designs at all corners except for the lower right, which is yellow with a diagonal line pattern. Text along the top border reads "Unkl Skam Wants You" and along the bottom reads "in ART FAIR". At center, a male figure wears a red, white, and blue striped cone hat and holds an artist's palette with paintbrushes. 'Chicago' is written across the palette in red along with additional text. Two skulls wearing hats appear at the top of the composition in front of a cityscape seen from its shoreline. Text appears throughout the image.
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