Group of twelve men, jurors, sitting in jury box. From story pasted on back but folded to front and covering photo: "TWELVE JURYMEN WHO CONVICTED TOM MOONEY -- Here are the 12 members of the juryu whjof ound Thomas J. Mooney guilty of the 1916 San Francisco preparedness Day Parade bombing after his trial early in 1917. The long fight of Mooney, now serving a life term in San Quentin Prison, to gain vindication for the explosion which killed 10 persons, comes to a new climax September 17 when the California State Surpeme Court ordered a hearing before a referee on Mooney's application for a writ of habeas corpus on the ground he was convicted on perjured testimony. Ten of the jury members later said they thought Mooney should have another trial. The jury, left to right: (back row) William O. Banks, John W. Miller, Reinhold H. Stettin, William F. Jacobs, John Bazzini and John Forsythe; (front row) Samuel H. Sheplar, William V. MacNevin, L. W. Neustadter, Henry J. Brewer, Thomas Kennedy and Sol Mish. Associated Press Photo September 9, 1935 dr (FX List CX 2 NY 2) 8/27/35 11230p PREPAREDNESS PICTURE : : : FOR USE WITH MOONEY DEVELOPMENTS." Twelve men seated in two rows in a jury box in a courtroom. They all wear dark suits, white shirts and ten of them wear dark ties. The photo has been framed/marked with white lines to highlight the men and leave out the upper part of the courtroom walls, presumably. The jurors' chairs are of a dark wood with rounded backs, leather(?) backs and seats with metal button accents around the leather (perhaps affixing it to the dark wood of the chair). The room is in panels of light and dark woods and there is a dark flat surface (table or judge's area) in the right corner of the photograph. This surace has white papers or an open book on it. to the left to this table is a metal bar on two metal pipes that could separate the jury space from the general courtroom. It is in front of two jurors only. From the back row left: Mr. Banks is and older man with white hair looking at the camera. Mr. Miller has dark hair, dark eyebrows and appears to have an overcoat over his left arm. Mr. Stettin has dark hair, a large dark mustache, has his hands in his lap and is looking to the right of the camera. Mr. Jacobs sits in one side of his chair, has dark hair, small dark mustache and is looking at the camera. Mr. Bazzini has thinning dark hair and medium mustache, hands folded in his lap and looks at the camera. Mr. Forsythe has dark hair, dark mustache and looks at the camera. From the front left: An older man balding on top with a long white beard. He holds a cane in his left hand is is looking to the left of the camera. The next man has dark thinning hair, leans in his chair to his left, with his right hand holding his right wrist. His eyes appear to be closed. The next man is looking away from the camera. He has dark hair, rimless glasses and has an overcoat covering his lap/knees and has a hat on his left knee. Next to him is a man looking at the camera. He has dark hair and holds an overcoat over his knees. The next man is balding, has a white mustache, left hand under a dark hat and is looking at the camera. The final juror appears to be bald, may have a light colored mustache and is looking at the camera. His left hand rests in his lap.

From kraft envelope Mooney, Tom Historical

Used: Oakland Tribune

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