7 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(17.78 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Two men examining an Egyptian coffin with mummy in a wooden room/area. Typed at bottom of photo: "British archaeologist howard Carter (left) at work on inner coffin in 1922. With Loercher, ut's Treasures. The Christian science Monitor News and Photo Service OSAC." The major portion of the photo is what appears to be an Egyptian coffin laying on a wooden pallet which in turn is resting in an area that is several steps below a room or the outside. There are steps at the foot of the coffin -- upper right corner. On the pallet in the foreground are a round magnifying glass, what could be large tongs (look like tweesers), several pliers, screw driver and mallet. The outer upper (head) portion of the coffin has dark and gold(?) stripes perpendicular to the floor. The stripes go from shoulder to shoulder across the top. The next section (from shoulder to waist) appears to have a pattern of light and dark dots of varying sizes and in one area the pattern is curved. Below this section and at the bottom (feet) appear to be hieroglyphics. Inside the coffin is a mummy. The mummy has its arms folded across its chest. It is wearing a headress of a light color with a dark band down the front, dramatic eye makeup and is wrapped/dressed in a light colored blouse, fancy belt of gold(?) and dark trousers/bottom. The feet are encased, together, in a light colored wrapping/mold. Behind the coffin Howard Carter (left) is seated in a chair (possibly of a cane material) with an aide kneeling next to him. Mr. Carter has short dark hair, is wearing a white long sleeve shirt and dark trousers. His left arm rests on his left thigh while in his right he holds an instrument/tool just above the body of the mummy. His Egyptian(?) aide is beside Mr. Carter. He has dark skin and is wearing a white head covering, white long sleeve shirt with dark lines down the front. His left arm is bent at the elbow and rests near the edge of the coffin. In his right hand is what could be a very small flash light. Behind and to Mr. Carter's right is a long coiled rope on a ledge. To his aide's left are what could be several stairs out of this area.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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