7 in HIGH x 9 in WIDE
(17.78 cm HIGH x 22.86 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

President Wilson addressing joint session of Congress several days prior to declaration of war -- World War I. Caption pasted on back bur covering photo: "TOWARD WAR AND WORLD POWER -- Fifty years ago the United States moved out of isolation -- with her declaration of war on Germany April 7, 1917 -- confident that she would turn the war into the 'war to end wars." It was not the end of wars, but the start of America's supremacy in a world far from 'safe for democracy' as President Woodrow Wilson had predicted. Here Wilson addresses a joint session of Congress April 2, urging a declaration that a state of war existed. The proclamation was issued April 7 following votes in Congress. (AP NEWSFEATURES PHOTO) 3551-rw-3/16/67) fls sil 209 -- AP NEWSFEATURES PHOTO Please Credit -- D-9692 (For use Sunday, Apri. 2, with William L. Ryan's undated APN story on World War I) CAUTION! WATCH RELEASE DATE!" Photo taken of President Woodrow Wlson addressing joint session of Congress. It was taken from back of the chamber or from a balcony and to the President's right. The chamber and the area around the raised platforms are filled with people watching and listening. In the foreground are five or six rows where congressmen/dignitaries are seated -- they are all looking at the President at the dais. In front of these men and on the floor of the chamber are many more men also looking at the President. There is an empty dark table. Just behind the table at a rectangular table with a fancy column front sit six men of varying ages. On either side of these six men is a man seated at his own dark table. Behind the six men on a raised white area the President is speaking behind a dark dais. He is earing a dark suit, white shirt and tie. His hands appear to be on the dais. Behind him and in front of a U.S. flag on an elevated area the Speaker of the House and the Vice President are seated side by side. Behind these men is an ornate wall of narrow columns fitted with gold accents and moldings. To the right of the flag the wall continues with a large dark rectangular area, a tall arched doorway, a square panel with an intricate design and another arched doorway. Above this wall is a balcony with many people watching the speech .

Used: Oakland Tribune

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