8 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Group of soldiers at Oakland Army Base cheering surrender by Japan ending World War II. From description pasted on back of photo: "1945 On August 10, at Camp Knight, the old Oakland Army Base, GIs cheered when the Tribune brought the news of the Japanese surrender. The Allied terms of capitulation were accepted four days later. Many of the men who had gathered in the post exchange were oversears veterans recently returned for home duty." Group of smiling male soldiers taken inside large building; They are all looking at the camera. The otherwise dark room has at least seven white ceiling light fixtures in the photo. Many of the soliders are holding their arms up and holding newspapers with headlines reading: "Japan Quits" and "Japan Surrenders, Moscow Says Its Official." From the left side of the photo, first row: Most of the group are wearing dark shirts with light ties tucked inside the shirt, pants with matching cloth hats and light colored cloth belt are looking at the camera and smiling. One small group holds a newpaper reading "EXTRA Oakland Tribune JAPAN QUITS." This text takes up almost the entire upper half of the first page. Next is a man in a lighter color shirt and pants wearing a cap. His mouth is open and he too has a copy of the paper "Japan Quits." Next to him another group of waving arms and papers. One man is wearing glasses. A man wearing a dark shirt and light colored pants and something on his belt is holding a glass bottle in his right hand and holding up a newspaper in his left. In front of him are three hatless men seated at a table. One man has on a leather jacket with two stripes on the sleeve, has a paper in his left and, is point with his right to the headline and there is a glass bottle near his right hand on the table. To his left is another man is seated behind a newspaper with the headline "Japan Surrenders, Moscow Says Its Official." His nose, eyes, brow, ears and hair are visible. In the lower right corner of the photo a man is seated who has a broad smile. His left arm is bent at the elbow and rests on the back of the chair. A patch is on the upper sleeve of his jacket that looks like ship's (steering) wheel. Behind the first row are several more rows of men.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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