10 in HIGH x 7 in WIDE
(25.40 cm HIGH x 17.78 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Two elementary school girls riding on parade float in the San Francisco Chinese New Year's Parade. From story pasted on back of photo: "NEW YEAR PRANCES IN -- Sun Feb 11, 1990 -- The 'Year of the Horse' was ushered in last night in San Francisco's traditional Chinese New Year's Parade complete with fanciful dancing dragons, above, marching bands and colorful floats. Sponsors estimated the crowd would reach 500,000 people and police said that may not have been far off. Among those riding the floats were Lin Tun and Kimberly Castillo, right, who attend Sutro Elementary School in San Francisco. Two 13 foot-tall 'celestial horses on clouds' led off the celebration of the lunar calendar year 4688. The Year of the Horse should bring action and productivity, according to Chinese astrologers." From the top of the photo: Many shiny decorations in many different colors run from the photo to the bottom. In front of this "wall" of shiny decorations are two girls. On the left is Lin Tun or Tung, an American Asian, with a serious expression. She has long black hair that falls below her chin and is wearing a white sweatshirt that has a pattern of children going across the chest and underneath this pattern it (probably) says "Sutro Elementary School" (only the word "elementary" is completely shown). Her right had is raised in front of her and in it she appears to have a dark string wrapped around her fingers. She is looking to the photgrapher's left. To her left is Kimberly Castillo, a Hispanic American, with a happy expression. Kimberly's dark hair is pulled away from her face and she is wearing a headband. She too is looking to the photographer's left. She is wearing a white sweatshirt with a dark turtleneck beneath it. Her hands grip the handle of a long slender pole -- like a fishing pole. The pole has a ribbon or decoration just above her hands. Lin's hands are near the top of the pole. In front of the girls is a large poster probably made by the students that appear to illustrate the animals in the Chinese calendar.

From a white file folder: Chinese Americans

Used: Oakland Tribune

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