8 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

From newspaper caption pasted on back: "DRAGON TEASING -- Chinese New Year 'Precious pearl' scepters guide the dragon, Chinatown's protector, through the streets of San Francisco on Saurday night. The Golden Dragon parade ends the city's eight-day celebration of the Year of the Rooster, 4679 in the lunar calendar." Feb 22, 1981. Close up of dragon's head taken from side, at night, outdoors. The dragon's eye has circles of white with evenly space dark dots. The dark eyeball protrudes from the white area with a dark circle that becomes lighter and results in a dark eyeball. The eyelash is a white fringe. Just above the left eye is a triangular ear of light and dark colors. In the middle of the forehead is a dark spot in a white area with four strands of small beads circling the dark center. A strand of dark "balls" with small bells is at the base. In front of this area is the upturned nose with nostrils of two dark fuzzy balls. Below the nostrils the upper lip has a short fringe/mustache and teeth in an open mouth. The lower mouth is white inside and is wavy. The lower lip is of an embrodered light colored fabric with dark designs. Below it are long white strands to simulate a beard. On either side of the dragon's mouth from just below the eye to the lower lip is a strand of dark fabric with light colored fringe. The jaw of the dragon is dark with white "stars" in which dark designs have been placed. On to the lower jaw and extending to the back of the head are affixed triangular pieces of light and dark stripes. Along the upper back of the dragon are shorter triangular pieces of light and dark stripes and white tips. The body just behind the head is a "scarf" of multicolored fabric with a multitude of designs. The body of the dragon simulates scales. There are rounded rectangles dark in the center, light border and a thin dark border to finish it. These are placed in rows around and toward the back of the body -- three rows are visible. A person in white shirt and dark trousers is on the right in profile. Not very much is actually visible. On the left is a white building with a dark "gate" with the letters "__TREET" on top.

From white file folder: Chifnese Americans

Used: Oakland Tribune

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