8 in HIGH x 8.5 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 21.59 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

From newspaper caption pasted on back: "The year of the Serpent was ushered in with the sound of firecrackers at the Children's Chinese parade in Oakland Saturday near Lincoln Square park. Here a traditionally clad dancer tantalizes a bowlegged dragon as the parade reaches an intersection." February 26, 1977. Boy on left of photo is looking at the dragon. He is clad in dark short sleeve shirt with white trim along collar, down front and around bottom. His dark pants have a white stripe down the side of the leg. He also wears dark shoes and either white sox or no sox. He is jumping off the ground with his left arm bent at the elbow and extended toward the dragon; his right arm is also bent at the elbow but is away from the dragon. The dragon is looking straight ahead. The snake-like head looks at the camera. A row of teeth painted in the lower mouth is visible. Above the open mouth is a row of white fringe (mustache). The upper lip is light and dark horizontal designs. Above this area are two more rows of white fringe. Between the fringe in front is a large nose with many protrusions -- small dark balls. The top of the head is dark with small metal decorations from front to rear. The large eyes have dark pupils, whites, dark trim and white fringe. on the dark area between the eyes are painted white lines with white extensions. The body behind the dragon is "up" and is a series of nine strips of color with an elevated white/light colored trim between them extending from the head. the dragon's tail is to the left of its body and looks like a fish tail. The photo is taken in an intersection. On the left a woman is crossing the street in front of a pick up truck. To the left and behind the truck is a white sign/flag with Chinese characters on it. Behind the dragon is is a street full of tall buildings. To the right of the dragon is a crowd of people.

From white file folder: Chifnese Americans

Used: Oakland Tribune

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