8 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Lion (Pekingese) at Union Square. Headline from caption pasted on back of photo (full caption below): "Chinese new year finds its place in the sun." Sun Feb 24, 1985 Large shaggy dog(?) on stage in Union Square, San Francisco in profile. The dog appears to be two people in a costume. The head is large with a fierce expression. The mouth is open and reveals upper and lower canine teeth. On top of the head is a decorative top knot with an extension over the ear. The ear is large, long, shiny and the "hair" lays flat. The body is made up of long shaggy, slightly matted, "hair." The "paws" are decorated shoes of many colors. The dog's left right leg extends slightly back from the body and just beyond the leg is a top or other type of toy. Behind the dog is a large crowd of mixed races and ages. Beyond the crowd are trees and buildings. There is a shadow in the lower right portion of the photo as well as someone's head (dark hair) in the lower left of the photo. Text of caption pasted on back of photo: "Celebrations for the Year of the Ox, 4683 on the Chinese calendar, opened yesterday in San Francisco's Union Square with dancing, music and the hallmark of any truly meaningful community gathering -- speeches. "The color and the people and the sunshine carried the day, however. Clockwise, some postcards from the Near Year: Above, the dragon gets a bang out of an opening fusillade of firecrackers; a right, five-year-old Amy Chan thinks some traditional decorations deserve a closer look; below right, one of the afternoon's two lions (this one looks more like an enormous Pekingese) does its dance to the new year; below left, three of the honored guests, from left are Cynthia Wu, Mis Chinatown San Francisco, Cynthia Gouw, Miss Chinatown USA and Sharilynn Choy, Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce. "San Francisco Chinatown's famous new year's parade will be next Saturday night."

From white file folder Chinese Americans. (See 2005.1.63.)

Used: Oakland Tribune

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