20th century
.375 in HIGH x .875 in WIDE x .125 in DEEP
(.95 cm HIGH x 2.22 cm WIDE x .32 cm DEEP)
Gift of Connie Pyle

"E" on the face of the pin. "Army Navy Production Award, Design Pat. 134 959" on the back of the pin.

The "E" for Excellence pin was one of the most coveted awards made on the home front during World War II. The metal pin is centered with a circular wreath in the middle of which is the letter "E." On either side, simulating a fish-tail cut ribbon, are enamelled bands of red, white, blue, white, red. The award was made to industries that exceeded the expectations for war production. A flag ("E") was presented to the factory, plant, yard, etc. that was being honored, which was flown from the flag pole for all to see; all of the employees involved also received this little metal and enamelled pin.

The E for Excellence pin was proudly worn during World War II. It indicated that the wearer was involved in wartime industry; that the industry had more than met their production quotas.

Used: World War II | Industry | Award | Robert Lowe

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