8 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Lion Dance -- Cal State Hayward. Two Chinese lions dancing outdoors before crowd at Cal State Hayward. See below for story pasted on back of photo. Two two-person lions dancing/teasing one another on lawn of college. The photo is taken looking at the crowd of people watching the goings on. In back of the crowd is a large (probably) concrete building. On the left side of the photo hung from the building is a sign "Food Service" with a typeface often used to invoke "Asianness." The crowd is a mixed group of Asians and others, some seated, some standing. On the lawn between the crowd and lions is a large light colored square that could be made of wood or canvas. On the right side between the crowd and lion is a young man in white tee shirt and dark pants. The lion on the left is looking at the camera and in disarray. The head is elaborately adorned with fringe, paint and other decorations. The mouth is open. The person in the lion's head, dressed entirely in black, is jumping off the ground and has his two legs splayed over the person laying on the lawn tangled in lion's body. The inside of the lion's body is white. The outside "skin" is highly decorated horizontal (from the head) strips of material accented with white fuzz. The lion on the right side of the photo appears slightly smaller and looking at the camera. The head is tilted back and the mouth is open. The person in the head of this lion (also wearing all black) is standing up. The body of this dragon appears to be triangular pieces of material sewn to simulate fish scales. The material itself is highly patterned. There is a person laying on the ground looking up at the back of the body of this lion. He is smiling, has dark hair, dark jacket. Story pasted on back of photo: Mar 4 1977 "A week-long celebration of Chinese New Year, the Year of the Serpent, culminates today at California State University, Hayward, where students are producing dances, martial arts deomonstrations, theater and also hearing speakers from the Asian community. Wayne Gee (left) tries to untangle his python, symbolic of the year 4675; Fremont's Chance Lew deomonstrates the fine art of calligraphy (right); and students perfrom the lion dance."

From white file folder Chinese Americans

Used: Oakland Tribune

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