7.25 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(18.41 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Long dragon being paraded at night on Market Street, San Francisco. In a profile of the dragon, four people of an unknown number dressed in light colored satin trousers and light colored shirts holding poles to hold up and manipulate the dragon are visible. Another set of legs on the other side of the dragon in the same light colored satin trousers walks beside the dragon. The head of the dragon is very elaborate and has a fierce expression. The mouth is open and fangs are shown. Long strangs beneath the lower jaw create a goatee. The nostrils on the upper lip are prominent. The visible eye is wide open and has a large dark pupil with two arcs each of light and dark. The visible ear is very large and extends from the back of the head. The cheeks are intricately painted arcs that get larger from the back of the mouth culimating in in large striped "rays" in front of the neck. The body is horizontal slripes of various colors shiny fabric sewn to simulate rings. The body is very long and goes beyond the photo. On the lower right of the photo, almost in shadow, children and adults both sitting on the curb and standing waching the dragon. Story pasted on back of photo: SUN FEB 11 1990 "NEW YEAR PRANCES IN -- 'THE YEAR OF THE HORSE' was ushered in last night in San Francisco's traditional Chinese New Year's Parade, complete with fanciful dancing dragons, above, marching bands and colorful floats. Sponsors estimated the crowd would reach 500,000 people and police said that may not have been far off. Among those riding the floats were Lin Tun and Kimberly Castillo, right, who attend Sutro Elementary School in San Francisco. Two 13-foot-tall 'celestial horses on clouds' led off the celebration of the lunar calendar year 4688. The year of the Horse should bring action and productivity, according to Chinese asrologers."

From white file folder Chinese Americans

Used: Oakland Tribune

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