10 in HIGH x 8 in WIDE
(25.40 cm HIGH x 20.32 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

From back of photo - caption from beneath published photo: "NEW PRESIDENT - Mrs. March Fong (left) of Oakland, pesident of American Dental Hygienist Assn., congratulates Mrs. Beverly Leggett of San Francisco who succeeds Mrs. Jane Groen (right), Santa Clara, as President of Northern California Dental hygienists Association. TR B Apr 17, 1967." Dental 2 col # 14551-10 Back of Photo: Please give credit to Cristof Studio, San Francisco, California. Three women standing and before multi-colored floral drapery; the drapery has many different kinds of flowers represented. All three women are wearing corsages and all wearing hats. Each is wearing a light colored suit with skirts that appear to go below their knees. Mrs. Fong is on the left side of the photo wearing a neutral exression -- not smling nor frowning. Her dark hair is in tall curls above her forehead and is away from her face (over her ears) and is covered by a small hat barely visible on the back of her head. It is of a color probably complementary to her suit. She has a large earring in her right ear -- perhaps a flower with the petals and center made from pearls or mother of pearl. She does not appear to be wearing much makeup other than lipstick. Her boxy suit is of a light color with dark buttons down the front. It has a Peter Pan collar and she wears a carnation(?) corsage pinned just below the top button of her jacket at an angle. Below the corsage hangs a round white button that says "Go To." It is pinned to her jacket about the level of the third jacket button down from the top. Her left had is extended at her side and she is holding something cylindrical in it that is light and dark. Her right arm is bent at the elbow and she is shaking/holding the hand of the woman next to her. Mrs. Leggett is in the center. She is smiling - upper teeth showing. Her brown hair is away from her face, over her ears and appears to be capped by a hat. She is wearing round(?) earrings. Her fitted suit is of a light color with wide lapels and a modest V neck. The jacket is closed with three buttons and cuts away to form an inverted V at the bottom. On her right lapel is pinned a name tag. On her left lapel is a carnation corsage pinned at the same angle as the collar. Her right arm is bent at the elbow and she is shaking hands with Mrs. Fong. Her left arm is also bent at the elbow and in it she holds the bottom portion of a gavel and she is wearing a watch. Mrs. Groen is on the right. Her dark curly hair is also worn sort and appears to be covered by a round/crown of artifical flowers-type hat. She has large white round earrings -- covers at least half of er ears. Seh has a neutral expression although her upper teeth are showing. Her jacket is loose - not fitted and may have one button to close the jacket. The left sleeve of the jacket is visible. The seam of the jacket ends with a one-inch(?) opening in a V shape. About two inches above the opening on the seam is an accent piece -- a piece of matching fabric about three inches long with a dark button at either end. Just above this - around the elbow - is a small pleat. She wears a corsage with ribbon bow on her left lapel. Her left arm is bent at the elbow and in her hand she is holding the upper handle of the gavel. Below her sleeve is a name tag that could be pinned to her pocket.

From file folde: March Fong Eu.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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