Handbook of First Aid
ca. early 20th century
4.25 in WIDE x .125 in DEEP
(10.79 cm WIDE x .32 cm DEEP)
Gift of Leopold E. Appe

Cover: "This handbook given to William F. Appe - Oakland Auxiliary Police Badge No. 2657 (Block Warden) By Oakland Defense Council, Room B. City Hall, Calif. Feb. 1942." Inside cover: "William F. Appe, 1703 - 19th Ave., Oakland, California. Note -- The Wooden Police Club carried by Oakland Auxiliary Police (Block Warden) mat have been made Bt "Pop" Wetmore, my Woodshop teacher at Roosevelt High School, 19th Ave & 19th St., East Oakland. Leopold W. Appe ... Dec. 10, 1997.

"Handbook of First Aid" prepared by U. S. Office of Civilian Defense in Cooperation with The American Red Cross. U. S. Government Printing Office, December 1941, Washington, D.C. For sale by the Superintendent of Document, Wasinton, D.C, . . . price 10 cents." The 72 page booklet presents a 20-hour first aid course for Civilian Defense. It is well illustrated with black and white drawings showing how to have a belt type kit; how to fold a bandage; how to make a sling, dress a head wound, eye wound, knee, shoulder, etc.; how to deal with a hemorrhage; how to deal with shock; fixed traction splints; a traction hitch; how to move fracture cases from points of danger; artificial reperation; transportation of the injured; stretcher bearing; chemical warfare and miscellaneous conditions and problems.

Used: William F. Appe | Block warden | Oakland | World War II

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