A Handbook for Fire Watchers
20th century
4.5 in WIDE x .125 in DEEP
(11.43 cm WIDE x .32 cm DEEP)
Gift of Leopold E. Appe

Inside cover "William F. Appe, 1703 - 19th Ave., Oakland/ Note- The wooden Police Club carried by Oakland Auxiliary Police (Block Warden) may have been made by my Woodshop teacher "Pop Wetmore, Roosevelt High School 19th Ave and 19th st Oakland, Cal. Leo
"Handbook given to William Appe, Block Warden, 1703 - 19th Ave., Oakland, Ca, By Oakland Defense Council, Room B, City Hall - Feb. 1942, Oakland Auxiliary Police Badge 2656.

Booklet, "A Handbook for Fire Watchers ... United States Office of Civilian Defense, Wasington, D.C." Stamped in red: "Distributed by Oakland Defense Council, Room B - City Hall." The booklet is 52 pages long and contains Fire Watcher's Report Form; Methods of Combating Incendiary Bombs; Magnesium Bombs; Oil and Gasoline Bombs; What to do in an Air Raid (well illustrated section with many black and white drawings, also showing Fire Defense; About Fire Extinguishers; War Gases; Chemical Warfare Agents; The Gas-Tight Room; Citizens' Defense Corps including rank designations and logos; Drill.

Used: William F. Appe | Block warden | Oakland | World War II

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